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Commercial Fridges And Freezers Brisbane

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A. Carlos Refrigeration – Commercial Refrigeration To Fulfil Your Needs

From blast chillers to merchandising refrigerators, refrigeration equipment works as an important part of the highly-functional foodservice industry. So, if your business does not have commercial or industrial refrigeration equipment in proper working order, then you will have to deal with unnecessary wastage of food, ultimately causing huge losses in the business. Besides, you will put the customers at risk for several food-borne illnesses. So, having commercial fridges for your Brisbane food establishment is a must. And our commercial freezers work as the perfect solution to store frozen supplies in every commercial establishment. A. Carlos Refrigeration has a range of fridges for sale including display fridges. We also handle fridge repairs so we have you covered when it comes to commercial fridges in Brisbane.

With a complete range of products varying in dimensions, doors, temperature ranges, and finishes, we can offer you the perfect freezer in Brisbane that would suit your requirements. A. Carlos Refrigeration has some of the best fridges for sale. The optimal performance of these freezers ensures reliability and durability with high-end food preservation ideal for the catering needs of your business.

Best Quality Commercial Fridges Across Brisbane

At A. Carlos Refrigeration, we offer commercial fridges and freezers of different leading brands in Brisbane. Apart from that, we have an astounding range of safe quality and certified commercial fridges like chest freezers, under bench freezers, blast chillers or display fridges that business owners are in constant need of. We even offer commercial freezers of specialised designs to suit the needs of commercial establishments.

So, whether you have a commercial kitchen in a hotel, café, food store, or bustling restaurant and you need a large or small commercial freezer, we can serve your needs. All you have to do is to check the product range we offer and choose the one that best suits you. A. Carlos Refrigeration brings Australia’s most sought-after fridges for sale, so check us out!

Besides that, you can also contact us for advice on the best refrigeration solutions in Brisbane. A. Carlos Refrigeration is the place where you’ll get the best fridge repair service in Australia. We have a team of experts, who can guide you by offering the solutions that would work best for you.

Things to Check While Buying Commercial Freezers:

Once you decide on the capacity and size of the commercial freezer, there are some other vital features that you need to consider. These include:

  1. Tropical rating: It is important to choose a freezer, powerful to deal with ambient temperatures in the kitchen. Check how hot the room becomes where you are planning to place the freezer as the sweltering temperature can cause trouble with smooth functioning.
  2. Auto-defrost: Freezers accumulate ice. And ice build-up can reduce the performance and lifespan of the freezer dramatically. But often it becomes impossible for us to manually defrost the freezer every time. In those cases, it is important to choose a freezer with in-built automatic defrost technology.
  3. Energy-efficiency: Features like additional insulation or self-closing doors can make the freezers more energy-efficient. Besides, size plays an important role here. So, smaller units are more efficient than large ones.
  4. Security: Some commercial fridges come with features like lockable doors, which offer you the peace of mind that your supply is secure.
  5. Doors: Self-closing doors are the perfect option for you if you want to save energy and decrease running costs. Many commercial freezers these days come with a pedal opening feature, which allows the users to open the doors without using their hands.

Get a free quote for our fridge repairs service, or enquire about our branded display fridges online. Call us now for any inquiries or a free quote!

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