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The importance of owning your own ice machines in Sydney, NSW!

Who doesn’t want a good ice maker at home? Or even say ice machines? If you are looking for an ice maker in Sydney or ice machines in Sydney that is perfected for a kitchen in a larger commercial unit or even a house in Sydney, NSW, then you should connect with ACarlos Refrigeration.

We help install an ice machine, ice makers, or yes, ice making machines. And we not only install the equipment, our after service warranty covers ice machine repairs, servicing, and maintenance. You may own an ice maker or ice machines for commercial use or for your home. And as is any equipment, you will need technicians to take care of the servicing, repairs and maintenance and this is where our expertise really helps make a difference. We engage in a wide-range of services that covers freezers, cool rooms and ice makers and also refrigeration units. Typically, our services will cover repairs and maintenance and not to miss installations too.

Unsure whether to fix or replace your appliance? Talk to us about the best options.

When ice making machines are not working in your commercial kitchen or even home? What do you do? When do you seek ice machine repairs?

It is simple. When the ice making machine in your commercial kitchen or house in Sydney is seemingly not working to its optimum level, you will reach out to dependable service and repair specialists like ACarlos Refreigeration.

When in doubt, just reach out to either the manufacturers directly for any service, repair and more. Else, you can reach out to experts like ACarlos Refrigeration. They will not only help in repairs and replacements, but if you want to maintenance and servicing too will be undertaken by them.

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The history of ice making machines!

    • It was William Cullen from the University of Glasgow in the year 1748AD who first showcased how to artificially refrigerate. But though he shared his discovery, he never really put it to any real use.
    • That is why history records that it was Oliver Evans who actually made icemakers viable. He was an American and an inventor who first made the freezer machine in the year 1805AD.
    • Further to this in the year 1834AD, James Perkins made the first practical refrigerating equipment by incorporating the use of vapour compression method. And at that time, he also received patents for his ice making machines!
    • It was in the year 1853AD that Alexander Twining, made an ice maker that was almost similar to the ice makers we have in use today.

With over 30 years experience in appliance repairs, ACarlos Refrigeration prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and quality products.

What are the different types of ice makers or ice making machines out there?

Ice making manufacturers engage in building different types of domestic, industrial and commercial ice makers that will cater to any audience or can be used individually in a house or even a commercial kitchen. A couple of those icemakers include the very common and popular cube icemaker, freezer ice making machines, portable icemakers, built-in and also freestanding ice making machines, industrial-scale ice machines.


Why are ice makers machines required even? Have you wondered that? Well, it is all laid out right here!

1. Ice machine, ice makers, ice making machine are basically equipment that is used to generate ice or making ice. Every refrigerator or fridge that is used in a home, or even used in a commercial or domestic kitchen can be found within the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

2. But if the scale of the ice making has to be larger and typically for larger commercial or industrial use, then there are exclusive ice making machines that are stand-alone equipment. The manufacturers who make the different types and sizes of ice cube will supply the ice to restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, or even industries where ice is required to freeze food or meat products or transport food products.

3. Owning an independent ice machine especially in the hotel industry makes a whole lot of difference. Just suppose, in a bar or a pub, if the ice making machine is readily available then fresh, high-quality instantly made ice cube can come in handy in mocktail and cocktail preparations.

4. Also to ensure that the ice is not contaminated or to avoid any sicknesses, freshly made ice cubes from ice making machines come in handy just about anywhere. It could be a hotel, bar, restaurant, healthcare facility, or even your home.

5. Ice makers are not something that is only required in a commercial or industrial setting. These days, people are looking for convenience. And that is why manufacturers have seen that domestic ice makers are also a big hit owing to sheer convenience and can be used anytime people are having a party or need ice instantly in their house.

6. It is very important in certain sectors like hospitality and healthcare that dedicated ice makers are in place, so as to avoid any contamination during supply or purchase from third-party ice making suppliers.

7. An ice making machine in your place is actually a lot of peace of mind. So, anytime, for any use, purpose or reason, you can reach out to ice makers that you own.

What is ice making machines made up of?

Ice makers of any size, grade or scale are made up of an evaporator and other equipment that helps making the ice you so want!

All refrigeration equipments and for that matter ice making machines are made up of four parts- the condenser, the compressor, the evaporator and the throttle valve. Incidentally most refrigeration and freezer units too, work on the same principle. The compressor’s function is to compress low-pressure refrigerant vapour to high-pressure vapour which then moves to the condenser. Here the vapour which is in a state of high-pressure is further condensed to a liquid that is high-pressure.

The advantages of having your own ice makers or ice making machines!

    • If you own a business or a restaurant, cafeteria or even in the comfort of your home, instead of buying bagged ice cubes from your neighbourhood grocery, why not own your own ice machines? It is so easy to use, operate and maintain too. And most of all, any time of the day or night, you can make ice cubes.
    • Owning ice machines is very practical and it helps fulfil a lot of requirements of your business.
    • If you want to ensure quality in any industry or setting, like say your company, hotel, industry or home, you have to be sure that the health of family members, guests’ or employees is taken care of. That is why instead of buying ice cubes, it is prudence to have your own ice maker within your home or facility.
    • When you make ice, there is no wastage of any sort. You will make only how much is required and you will use it immediately. And if you have any ice that is left over, then it can be safely stored for future use.
    • If you are in a nature of a business that needs ice on a regular basis, then instead of using store-bought ice cubes, it is better and safer and most importantly cheaper to make ice from your own ice making machines.

For any type of services that cover domestic or commercial-grade ice makers, the ACarlos Refrigeration experts are a call away. You can reach us on 0412 619 068 or you may email us at

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